Profit with Self-Service BI

  • Execute with richer ROI!

  • Democratize your data and profit

  • Empower business with self-service BI

  • "Excel for Big Data" with AI-driven BI

  • Save 25% in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Richer value

Richer Enterprise Answers

Insurance Industry solutions


Value: $76 million AI-driven savings!

Time: 1 hr

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Real Estate Industry solutions

Real Estate

Value: "Easy-fy" your conversions by at least 30%!

Time: 2 weeks

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Consumer Electronics Industry solutions

Consumer Electronics

Value: 2x your conversions!

Time: 1 month

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Healthcare Industry solutions


Value: Improve A/R: Accelerate Collections 20%!

Time: 2 weeks

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Logistics Industry solutions


Value: Plug upto 50% expense leaks and re-route logistics!

Time: 1 month

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Telecom Industry solutions


Value: Big-data consolidated views on-demand!

Time: 1 hr

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SaaS solutions


Value: Boost subscriber renewals > 90%!

Time: 2 weeks

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Manufacturing Industry solutions


Value: Consolidate data into a single dashboard.

Time: 1 hr

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BI is a journey, not a destination!

Too many people approach BI with a transaction mindset. While having a focused approach is important, it is equally imperative to recognize that all goals can not be just short-term focused. Approaching BI with such a balanced view will lead to deeper utilization, delivering richer results, yielding higher ROI over an extended interval and you will be one step closer to having a self-service BI platform. This ultimately leads to enhanced competitiveness for an organization.

We recommend the following approach to adopting BI within an organization.

Conquer Opinions    arrow

Conquer Opinions - (BizMagnet)

  • Drown the noise, tap the signal
  • Visualize Demand
  • Trends / Patterns / Analytics
Conquer Data   arrow

Conquer Data (BizMagnet)

  • Move from hunting to gathering
  • Identify anomalies & operational improvements
  • Find out what's broken and what is possible!
Conquer Execution    arrow

Conquer Execution (BizCruize)

  • De-risked execution
  • Process Intelligence
  • Optimize resource planning
Conquer Growth

Conquer Growth (BizJet)

  • AI-based growth Analytics
  • On-demand Business pulse.
  • Mindset change: Sequential to Exponential

Insight Finder

Insight Finder

What is an Insight Finder?

Given Metric, digs into your data and find the best outcome indicators.

How does it work?

Various AI and Machine Learning algorithms are applied to help you find relevant and laser-focused high-impact business value decision intelligence.

The single best result is shared.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

What are Prescriptive Analytics?

They answer the question, how? How to make it happen? How to do it?
Unlike typical predictive analytics, which highlight possibilities, prescriptive analytics - give you an execution plan, which details:

  • Resources to re-purposed
  • Tasks to be assigned, and Completion date

How does it work?

Various M/L algorithms are applied here. These include: Regression, Naive Bayes, SVM, K-Means, etc) to determine the best execution plan to achieve results.

Example: Execution plan focusing on tasks to be assigned for re-purposing low performers.

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