Answers Journey for your enterprise problems

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The Answers Journey for your enterprise problems

1. Introduction's Answers Journey can enable your enterprise to leverage the business value out of your data. It not only tells you what is possible, but how to get there. Imagine being able to apply this approach to one of your biz goals. Whether you want to control costs, enhance operational efficiency or unlock sales opportunities - you need a complete solution.

You can't settle with just data, not just insights and not just execution. To be successful, you need all three - synchronized and aligned with your goals.'s Answers Journey is the only one-stop shop in the world that offers all three.

Solving your enterprise level problems was never easier. Just define your biz goal and follow these steps.

  1. Conquer Opinions
  2. Conquer Data
  3. Conquer Execution

2. Enterprise problems are not trivial

Managing a division for an enterprise was never going to be a walk-in-the-park. It's a mad roller coaster; the highs are amazing - you feel like you are king of the world; the lows are equally devastating - you feel trapped at the bottom center of a house collapsing on itself. Enterprise level problems can be intricate, complex and dynamic, with very elusive answers. To be able to effectively address them, one first needs to equip oneself with the right tools.

The key tool here is data.

2.1 Does your data describe your problem?

When it comes to fixing your enterprise problems - the real difficult ones - the ones that will have the greatest organizational impact - whether its boosting sales, reducing churn, enhancing operational efficiency, or unlocking latent demand drivers - the ones that are a win-win for all stakeholders - these sought after answers are very elusive.

One major reason is that the data needs to be complete. Now, most enterprises feel that they are collecting enough or even more-than-enough data. But how does one know?

We suggest the following litmus test.

Do you have enough collected data, that it can accurately and comprehensively describe your problem?

To help enterprises ensure they have a resonably valid assessment methodology for addressing this query, we strongly recommend they built compliance to the The 4Cs Criteria.

Although sometimes the problem statement for an enterprise issue may be easily described in a single sentence, the answers are not as easy to detect. The deeper one goes, one finds the problem area has more and more "flavors" or variants. For each "flavor", ensure the 4Cs are being addressed.

2.2 The 4Cs Criteria

4Cs Criteria |

Here is a brief outline of the key aspects of the 4Cs Criteria

1. Causes
How do you identify attributes that cause your problem?
2. Calibrate
Can you clearly quantify the weightage or relevance for each attribute?
3. Coverage
How do you ensure that you haven't missed an attribute that can cause your problem?
4. Certify
This is a verification step. How much of the overall pain will be addressed?

If the 4Cs give you at least 80% coverage, then your digital footprint is good enough for you to move forward on your answers journey. If not, then we recommend that you strengthen your data collection process as your immediate first step.

Why is data critical? There are a number of factors. Some key ones are data completeness and data relevance.

Data completeness is critical in being able to describe the problem from a data perspective.

Data relevance is hugely important to being able to answer questions related to "Why does it matter?" - when looking at strategies.

In addition, it helps towards being able to measure and quantify the weightage for each data attribute towards the problem area. Lastly, one must be able to undertake effective root-cause-analysis (RCA) and find data correlations across attributes across the data spectrum.

2.3 How strong is your digital footprint?

There are many aspects that need to be addressed for this: technical, organizational and political.

Technical - these cover aspects such as data completeness, data relevance (attribution and quantification), data correlation and being able to undertake root cause analysis (RCA). Note, none of these are software technology dependent.

Organizational - there needs a single source of truth. There has to a single source of unambiguous data related to the enterprise and it needs to be available to all its owners/managers on-demand. Truth means different things to different stakeholders. And we recommend that an inclusive approach be taken. This will enable shared understanding and alignment across all levels of the organization. As highlighted above, enterprise problems are intricate, complex and dynamic. The answers are not easy to find, and may require taking a holistic perspective to unlock advanced enterprise answers.

Political - Conquering opinions and subjectivity becomes critical towards making an organizational data-driven. We do not imply that political aspects will be subsumed under a data-driven focus. They won't. Data will be available to support or detract from positions. And having a common or shared foundation for data-based decision making will go a long way towards being able to find insights that can yield higher ROI and better execution. Then you will be ready to begin your Answers Journey.

3. Answers Journey

Answer Journey Overview |

Once you get on the Answers Journey - your conversations changes into 2 simple perspectives.

  1. Which problem are you looking to address?
  2. What does success look like for you and where are you today? Answers Journey is a complete end-2-end solution that allows you to put your focus back to the areas that matter the most to you - meeting your big targets and aligning with organizational success instead of getting mired in operational issues or constraints.

Not only that, the relevant data is usually scattered and usually doesn't talk easily with other data. Since there is so much data and it needs to serve so many stakeholders - each department ends up focusing on the low-hanging fruit - the critical aspects required to meet their immediate short-term goals. This has a bearing on their digital focus - they typically limit to data specific to their immediate scope. Mid to long-term needs are typically pushed to future task items.

The Answers Journey starts with focusing on Conquer Opinions and Subjectivity, then moves on to Conquering Data, expanding to Conquer Execution and finally Conquering Growth. The illustration below helps you highlight the key stages and each steps key focus.

3.1 Conquering Opinions and Subjectivity

The enterprise's Answers Journey is predicated on a single source of truth. This is an important first step. Other aspects that need to be addressed here include data completeness, data relevance, data density and data normalization. This ensure there is adequate representation of the data with regard to be problem and allows stronger buy-in amongst the stake-holders for its recommendations.

This can be a little tricky - navigating through the various data integration hoops and hurdles - all the while ensuring that the data relevance has not been diluted while maintaining data integrity. To make the problem even more interesting, the volume of data being handled is just massive and its being incrementally added in real-time.

Using conventional means and human-based systems may not be an efficient way to solve this problem. Usually by the time you get feedback from this method, you have missed out on your window of opportunity. As the market is dynamic, being highly agile and responsive becomes a critical success factor. On top of that, talent can be a big constraint.

Luckily, this is an area where's Professional Services can assist. We adopt a tool based approach for this. We leverage AI to pull, analyze, parse and conflate your data across various data sources. Its all automatic. Anomaly reports indicate data non-compliance. Just fix and re-feed. Data integration nightmares are a thing of the past.

"Having all the data is half the problem solved."

Now, that you have a single source of truth in place, you can start towards meeting the goal of this step: Being able to see and understand your problem. This is why having a single source of truth was critical.

3.2 Conquer Data

Mining your SST (Single Source of Truth) can be a herculean task. There is just so much data to sift through - using standard means to do this - we lose out on time and are subject to various constraints - software knowledge, data understanding, big data expertise and lastly domain understanding. Each aspect imposes its own set of requirements on the underlying data. If these requirements are not met, then the chances of getting the right answers reduces. leverages AI to this task.

Next, our AI parses these attributes and data and creates split-points for all the visualizations to help you quickly get a grasp of the underlying trends and patterns. So, you can easily identify various data correlations and relationships. This vastly improves your ability to see and understand the data and the associated operational problems being faced. Our AI generates visualizations across all your attributes - all hundreds or thousands of them in seconds. Now, you can see and understand your data.

Lastly, it will also start applying various machine learning techniques and start sharing insights from your data. This is all automatic. You just need to collect the answers, instead of having to go hunt for them.

Having a data-driven AI based approach ensures that the outcomes shared meet mathematical rigour as well as being aligned with your specific organizational nuances. These answers are not generic, they are specific to your organization and the data shared.

3.3 Conquer Execution

These insights uncovered steps that will help you answer the first part of the Answers - what to do?'s Prescriptive Analytics helps you get answers for the question - "how to do it?" After all, it's the execution that determines the effectiveness of any strategy.'s Prescriptive Analytics is not a service. Its an advanced AI/Machine learning tool. It takes various inputs - from the biz goal to the existing processes, the resources being considered, their utilization levels and the respective weightages. It, then, analyzes all of this information and outputs an execution plan.

You get answers to questions such as:

This makes it easier for managers to optimize their resource allocation to meet the demands of their various objectives.

Furthermore, as an organization is dynamic - the execution plan is updated at regular intervals to reflect updates and changes in the environment. This is required to ensure the execution stays aligned with the dynamic changes to the business landscape. This way you are always on top of things and don't get blind-sided by surprises.

3.4 Conquer Growth

Before we get into how to Conquer Growth with the Answers Journey, let's take a quick breather and recap our achievements so far.


Conquered Opinions
We have conquered opinions and subjectivity by consciously choosing to be data-driven regarding decisions affecting the strategies for meeting our biz goals. We have chosen to create a single source of truth to enable a shared understanding.
Conquered Data
To maximize our ROI for a business goal, we leveraged AI to find insights offering better outcomes. This gave us an opportunity to target.
Conquered Execution
We leveraged Prescriptive Analytics to address the execution. Advanced AI and machine learning was employed to deliver an optimized implementation plan to achieve the target based on the resources available.

As an organization is able to see the benefits of accomplishing this for a single Business goal - achieving growth is possible by extending this same principle for multiple Business goals. However, the problem becomes exceedingly more complex when we expand the scope across multiple Business goals even within the same department, let alone across different ones.

Specifically for this - we expand our toolkit to include advanced AI technologies and frameworks - including but not limited to Deep Learning. leverages Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and advanced AI frameworks to process and provide answers for these really complex problems. These frameworks and toolsets are custom designed to address such large and complex problems requiring super heavy computation, massive number crunching and multi-pass processing. In addition, to these aspects, simulation and forecasting models are also available.

As you can see,’s Answers Journey enables and empowers enterprises with a complete and comprehensive end-2-end solution to conquer their hugely complex and intricate problems with Artificial Intelligence and data providing real business value. Besides the ease of having to use a single vendor for all their BI needs, an enterprise also saves the head-ache of dealing with multiple vendors and ensuing integration nightmares.

Advanced enterprise gains are now, not an ‘if’, but ‘when’.

4. Summary

Data can provide significant business value to an enterprise. No matter where you may be on the Answers spectrum today,’s Answers Journey provides you with a well-defined end-2-end approach to empower your enterprise to execute with higher ROI as you:

  1. Conquer Opinions and Subjectivity
  2. Conquer Data
  3. Conquer Execution, and
  4. Conquer Growth

The Answers Journey is the only Business intelligence tools that empowers an enterprise’s growth journey from the current state to sustained competitive advantage.

Start your Answers Journey today and begin unlocking advanced enterprise gains.