Let's compare Tableau Online and

Considerations Tableau Online
What is it? Cloud based version of Tableau Desktop Cloud-based AI/ML Business Insights platform
Self-Service / No IT Dependence No Yes
Auto AI-generated Visualization; No additional Hiring, No Manual creation steps No Yes
Support Dynamic Target vs Actuals in 1-click No Yes
Simple licensing, no hidden gotchas No Yes
Ease to use without Expensive and time consuming training required No Yes
Transparent Costs and User Pricing No
  1. Einstein Discovery add per user/month @ USD $25
  2. Data Management per user/month @ USD 5.50
  3. Resource Blocks per flow @ USD $250
Beyond basic Visualizations available No Yes
Full AI capabilities and power available No Yes
Awesome user feedback on After-Sales support No Yes
Go Enterprise live in 1 month No Yes

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